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some lyrics and titles on this album were inspired, in part, by Brigit Pegeen Kelly poems, which i deeply love and admire.


released September 22, 2014

this EP was recorded at my parents' house in pacific palisades, california, except for "The Moon" which was recorded in my apartment in another part of LA.

viola and mixing/mastering by ezra buchla.


all rights reserved



CLAIRE CRONIN Athens, Georgia

CLAIRE CRONIN is an artist from Los Angeles currently living in Athens, GA who makes poems, songs, and performances. Her most recent release is BIG DREAD MOON (June 2019) on Orindal Records. CAME DOWN A STORM (2016) and OVER AND THROUGH (2015) were released by Ba Da Bing Records. ... more


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Track Name: THE GHOST
the ghost has black nipples
a horse runs through his chest
he burns all that he enters
his horse cannot take rest

my boy's cry is like breaking
a glass or a storm
with wings, animals hunger
for blood racing and warm

my boy, sorrow has arrows
they'll shoot straight through your throat
so hold your lips together
to stay safe from the ghost
Track Name: THEY SAY
they say, they say
don't open your mouth
when you're breathing
one day, one day
you'll let the devil in
or some demon
will tear out the best of you
and he'll keep it

lay low, lay low
shadow the goldenrod
with your bowed-down head
two notes, two notes
fill up the empty field
like a doorbell
don't let them carry you
under cold ground

i took white sheets
and married myself to the cedar tree
i wrote white snow
and buried it all in an envelope

they say, they say
don't open your mouth
when you're breathing in
one day, one day
you'll let the devil in
or some demon
will tear out the best of you
and he'll keep it
Track Name: THIEF'S WIFE
what's weak in you grows evil
when you steal what strength you can
and with each crime, your hands are tied
to what you can't give back

one day i woke to waves of light
bright axes on the fence
a hundred blackbird feathers spilled
the lake was in my chest

my husband is a thief
he brings me yards of silk and gold
he lays his body over me
when i am blue and cold
Track Name: THE MOON
well the moon hides the sharpest tool she can get
in her jaw, in her jaw, in her jaw
and she hunts in the darkness, blind as a bed
it's the law, it's the law, it's the law

and the moon wears a dress of silver and bronze
like a dime, like a dime, like a dime
and she turns half her face to seem that she's gone
it's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie

when i came to this place, i knew little harm
like a lamb, like a lamb, like a lamb
and the moon took my darling straight from my arms
like a man, like a man, like a man
the weather knows a rich man
by the silver in his blood
i was sure i'd known the devil
when he bore my sister off

and he found us in a gold mine
with a ceiling low and black
said he loved my pretty sister
and would never give her back

well the devil must be lonesome
in his kingdom for the dead
all the curses he must carry
with my sister in his bed

were that i were born a soldier
or my sister born a man
for her beauty's bought and sold her
to the devil's shaking hands

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